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Higgins and Magnum

Hi Sandy,

Higgins and Magnum, our two Standard Schnauzers, have been enjoying the Superessentials now for about 6 months.

I researched the ingredients and they were all natural products. The dogs absolutely love it! In fact they whine every morning when I’m stirring it into their food. The reason I tried this in the first place was because Higgins, being 10 years old, was starting to feel sluggish and not want to chase the ball he and Magnum enjoyed so much. I thought it might just be his age, but he checked out great at the last vet visit.

So I thought I would try this product that I had seen on the internet. After about 2 weeks I started seeing a change in his behavior. He was more alert, his coat looked shiny, more playful, and he started playing ball again. He now acts like a puppy, playing with toys and encouraging Magnum (7 yrs.) to play with him, running around the house! This stuff really works!

I encourage every pet owner to give it a try. Bottom line is we want our pets to live a long, happy, and healthy life and I feel this product helps make that happen!

Peggy J Della Maggiora
Wilderville, Oregon