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Feeding raw can be tricky. Love SuperEssentials for Dogs supplements. Makes it easy to add what they need. Recommended by my holistic vet, I’ve been using their dog supplements for my 6 year old GSD/Husky mix Prairie for years, and she looks and feels so good! Sharing with my son’s young Shiba Inu now too and he is thriving! Highly recommended.

Peyton, CO

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Bocelli is a 9 month old Golden Retriever. We got him at 8.5 weeks old from Charlotte North Carolina. When we got him we noticed he had a skin condition that caused his skin to be flaky. It was so bad that the flakes would cover the floor. We took him to a holistic vet and she strongly suggested we give him Super Essentials. Within 3 weeks we noticed his skin condition getting better and within 2 months it was gone completely. We truly believe the Super Essentials helped Bocelli. And we will continue give him this supplement.

Thank you, Laurie and Bocelli

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Opal and Boon love SuperEssentials!

When we started making their food at home, we didn’t know which supplements to give them to ensure they were getting all the nutrients they needed. Our vet recommended SuperEssentials and they loved it immediately. They look great, feel great, and have never been healthier! We love knowing that they are getting all they need to live happy, healthy, vibrant lives.

Bert and Liz, Mount Shasta, CA

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Yay! Finally sending a testimonial with pictures…

We rescued our Yorkipoo, DeeDee, over three years ago just before she turned two. Unfortunately, her original owners severely neglected her. Our holistic vet recommended homemade food and SuperEssentials right away for her best chance at a good long life.

She loves her SuperEssentials!! She’s been on it for three years now and we are convinced that it is helping her live her best life and in a way making up for the horrible neglect she experienced in her first year. She just had her 5th birthday in December. As you can see, she tries to enjoy every minute! Including becoming a water dog, atypical for her breed. Thank you for making such a quality and trustworthy product for our sweet girl and all of the doggos.

Andréa Crisp

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Liberty and Karma

Hello. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I began using Super Essentials after bringing a new puppy (Liberty) into my home back in March. Not only did I introduce it into her diet, but also with my 11 year old German Shepherd, Karma. Karma loves having this in his meal, and I observed a pep in his step. I am very pleased with your product, and the results I have seen in my two pups. I always let people know about you and what a positive impact it has been with Karma and Liberty.

My Very Best,
Michael Lewark

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Tiny Bear’s Care

Good day, Sandy!
I’ve had the packing slip on my table since you sent the order last month so thought I’d write a review now, and move the clutter off my table!

I have been using Superessentials for my dog Tiny Bear since the Summer of 2020. She used to have a significant lipoma under her right breast area and now it’s barely palpable. She is 10 years old and frisky as ever. Superessentials regulates her bowels and makes her breath smell clean and neutral. I use it twice a day every day.

So grateful for such a great product for my very best friend.