About SuperEssentials™ for Dogs

Our Boxer Tucker brought us to SuperEssentials™ in 2012.

We rescued Tucker in 2010 when he was 4 years old, at his first veterinarian visit, it was discovered he had mass cell cancer that required immediate surgery.  The surgery and recovery were very difficult.  Just one year later the cancer returned, and another surgery was required.  After the second surgery we contacted a holistic Veterinarian in our area looking for some alternative ways to prevent the return of cancer.  He recommended using SuperEssentials™ health supplement and a Chinese Herbal Medicine with Tucker. As of 2019 Tucker has remained cancer free and we have seen excellent results with both Tucker and Bodie (our other Boxer) since we started them on SuperEssentials™.

Development and History

SuperEssentials™ was developed in Ashland, Oregon, USA by, Christine Kleiman, a devoted pet owner with a degree in holistic health.  Christine developed SuperEssentials™ because she knew that it’s not always possible to meet our dog’s nutritional needs on a daily basis solely with the food they are fed.  Over the course of many years, she, along with the help of a holistic veterinarian,  was able to create a natural supplement, SuperEssentials™, that provided her dog, Xena, the extra nutritional boost she needed to stay healthy and age gracefully.  While hiking with Xena in the foothills of Ashland people would comment on how great Xena looked.  With the encouragement of these folks Christine brought SuperEssentials™ to the marketplace.  We are so thankful to Christine for developing this wonderful supplement.
In 2016 Christine wanted to return to Europe to be close to her family, but she wanted SuperEssentials™ to continue to be available to pet owners. Sandy and Christine had developed a friendship over the years and with how well Tucker and Bodie were doing on SuperEssentials™ we decided to purchase the business to help ensure this wonderful product is available to devoted pet owners everywhere.
We wish you and your dog(s) a fun, happy, healthy life together,
Sandy & David