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Faryn Haines

Just wanted to say thank you for creating an amazing product! I’ve had to start making my dog.Dexter’s food from scratch due to his numerous allergies. This is one of the very few products I can add to his food that won’t trigger any flares. It makes me happy knowing he is feeling good!


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Rachael Davis

SuperEssentials has become an important component in our dog, Burt’s, daily diet. With SuperEssentials, I know Burt isn’t missing out on important vitamins and minerals that he needed to be an active, growing dog!

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Lisa Frost, Ashland, OR

I’ve been feeding my dogs Super Essentials for the past two years. I have 4 rescue dogs and all my dogs have medical issues in some form due to their original pasts. In addition to raw foods, including meaty bones, I supplement with Super Essentials. The Spirulina is helpful for the arthritis and the Clay and Nettle are also good for detoxing from toxic chemicals. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO. My holistic veterinarian recommended this product, and I am forever grateful.