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Juliet, Fredericksburg VA

This is Hamilton who is almost 9 and Bella my little girl who will be three in June. I started the super essentials when Bella was a little over a year as she had very dry skin and her hair was not as lustrous as it should have been… I started her on a little sample I got from my holistic vet and within 4-5 days I could tell a difference… So I started both my labs on this supplement and will not stop…

-Juliet, Fredericksburg VA

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Annie and Zoe

Our Zoe is 12 now and she has lots of “boxer bumps,” including a couple in non-removable spots that our vet says are cancerous and we should keep an eye on. One has been there for more than a couple of years. I’m convinced SuperEssentials is keeping them from growing. 🙂 🙂 🙂

– Annie, Medford, Oregon

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M. Anderson

I got my SuperEssentials in the mail yesterday. I have been very pleased with the results for my chocolate lab. I took her to Dr. Farthing because her shiny coat looked like she had been frosted at the beauty salon. Dr Farthing recommended Super Essentials to give her Jing. Her coat now is dark chocolate again except for part of the tail that still has some light color.

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Faryn Haines

Just wanted to say thank you for creating an amazing product! I’ve had to start making my dog.Dexter’s food from scratch due to his numerous allergies. This is one of the very few products I can add to his food that won’t trigger any flares. It makes me happy knowing he is feeling good!


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Rachael Davis

SuperEssentials has become an important component in our dog, Burt’s, daily diet. With SuperEssentials, I know Burt isn’t missing out on important vitamins and minerals that he needed to be an active, growing dog!